Should You Buy Custom-Printed Products Online? What Are The Pros And Cons?

custom-printed products online

Today we will answer the burning query nowadays “Should you buy custom-printed products online? What are the pros and cons?” It is becoming the new trend to buy custom-printed products, and everybody is going with the flow blindly without giving it a second thought. Many people purchase customized products online after seeing their pictures and reviews only without knowing the quality of the product.

Accordingly, we will highlight the pros and cons of buying custom-printed products and that too online. Consequently, this blog will enable the readers to make an informed decision after the cost-benefit analysis of purchasing custom-printed products. For those who don’t know what custom-printed products are, you can always look at my blog, The top 10 custom-printed items to elevate your brand.

Custom-Printed Products

Custom-printed products are unique items produced exclusively by artists, designers, or artisans for each customer according to their demands. Well-organized and eye-catchy designs printed on these custom-printed products that are customized individually for a person attract them for sure. These products also help businesses build better customer relationships, promote their brands, and retain their customers in the long run.

Who Introduced Custom-Printed Products?

The first custom-printed product was custom corkscrews designed as giveaways in 1852 by Anheuser-Busch to promote a brand. After seeing the response of customers and the brand promotion outcomes, it was also tried by other brand owners. Since then, custom-printed products have become a low-cost promotional strategy for all businesses to help them maximize their brands’ reach.

Father Of Promotional Products

A printing press owner, Jasper Meek, started printing promotional messages on burlap bags while his printing press had slow hours. It proved to be very effective; consequently, he realized to convert this marketing opportunity into his business in 1886. Almost every industry has followed this brand promotion strategy of printing shopping bag advertisements for over a century.

Jasper Meek is honored as the father of promotional products, as he introduced promotional printing as a business to the world.

Why Are These Products Suffusing Worldwide?

Today, these custom-printed products are suffusing worldwide because producers and end-users love them equally. Being loved is because it helps brands grow in terms of brand recognition, profit generation, and customer retention. On the other hand, the customization enables the customers to feel an exceptional user experience and connectivity with the brand.

This way, these custom-printed products create a win-win situation for everybody: the brand and its customers. Consequently, promoting brands via custom-printed products has been transformed into an entire customization industry serving businesses and consumers.

Should You Buy Custom-Printed Products Online?

There is not one correct answer to this question; as you can now understand, it varies from person to person. After going through the pros and cons of buying custom-printed products online, you can decide your answer.

What Are The Pros And Cons?


Customers Are Satisfied:

Products designed exclusively for a particular customer intensify the user experience and increase association, resulting in a delighted customer. Moreover, a customer evaluates a customized product as more valuable as it is precisely in accord with what they want.

Products Can Be Altered Easily:

Customers can change some of the product’s features when ordering a custom-printed product online, including its design, color, or texture. They can easily alter the product as they want and wish so that it will be printed, sticking to their requirements.

Online Shopping Is Effortless:

Shopping online is like snipping your fingers; the desired product can be selected, customized, and ordered in no time. There is no hassle of driving to the mall, searching for the items you want, making the seller understand all the customization, then standing in never-ending queues for billing, and finally suffering traffic all the way home.

E-Stores Are Open 24/7:

There are no open timings of an online shop, so make a purchase any time of the day or night. Be it a holiday, vacation, religious or cultural festival; you can buy anything online around the clock.

Borderless Shopping Can Be Experienced:

Globalizing the world and going borderless is one of the best benefits of technology, and e-commerce optimally utilizes it. In current times, the fact that you can buy anything, anytime, anywhere around the world tempts you to shop online.

Discounted Prices Are Offered:

Compared to physical shopping, online shopping costs less as it eliminates intermediaries and eradicates the payment of rent or utilities. In most cases, many brands offer discounts on shopping from their e-stores.

Shopping Privacy Is Maintained:

When you shop online, no eyes are staring at you all the time as those salespeople do in brick-and-mortar stores. Additionally, you must refrain from being tricked or pressured into buying any unwanted or unnecessary items by a well-trained salesperson.

Cash-On-Delivery Option For Payment:

Almost every store facilitating its customers online enables them to pay as soon as they receive their order. You can get your ordered products right at your doorstep without expensing any penny and then pay after receiving them. You can always return them if you receive a damaged or different product from what you ordered.

Products Are Described In Detail:

Another advantage of online shopping is that the seller provides every single detail of all the products available. These details include a product’s brand name, features, specifications, price, and even its past customers’ reviews; to make informed decisions.

Prices Can Be Easily Compared:

You cannot even think of making any price comparisons when shopping on-site, but you can do it during online shopping. The customers can even compare the features and sizes of the same products offered by different vendors at their e-stores.


Risk Of Authenticity And Misuse:

The risk of authenticity is continually associated with online purchases unless people trust the seller and the marketplace. On the other hand, the personal details you provide for the transaction are also at risk of being misused.

Online Marketplace Sites Could Crash:

Unfortunately, it is not very rare for the web-servers to get down while there’s heavy traffic on a particular website. These marketplaces sometimes crash, especially when these online sellers announce some sale for a specific time on their products.

Trying Out Products Is Impossible:

Online shopping has limitations; customers can’t try out any product before placing an order and receiving it. It is sometimes irritating when customers try to buy stuff that usually requires them to put on to decide one.

Shipments Are Usually Delayed:

Customers shop online usually hoping to save time, but the shipment would take time for real to arrive at the doorstep. If you order from an international store, there is no guarantee of receiving your shipment within the mentioned time. Furthermore, the ordered products can be arrived damaged or lost and, even worst, could be delivered to the wrong address.

Tiresome Process Of Returning Products:

As smooth and easy as online purchasing, the tiring and problematic is returning or exchanging for the same product. Filing forms for returning, compensating the costs for shipping, and still the process takes much time for it to happen.

Customized Products Can Be Expensive:

Customization is expensive as producers need more money and time to design every product individually rather than mass production. Besides, it may take multiple attempts to implement unique and exclusive designs corresponding to their customer’s requirements to satisfy them.

Unavailability Of Assistance:

When you need assistance or want to ask about a product while shopping online, nobody can assist you. You can only leave a query or call customer support, and that, in turn, takes much time to respond.

Diversity Can Be A Curse:

The diverse collection of attractive products and quality providing sellers custom-printed products online can sometimes complicate the selection process for their customers. Consequently, customers spend much time without even realizing it in search of better products and pocket-friendly retailers online.

No Return Policy:

Some online retailers don’t accept sales returns or exchanges and deny any refunds for their products once shipped to customers. Therefore, customers feel helpless about getting damaged goods or something other than what they had ordered.

A Bonus Tip!

Since you’ve been reading till now, you deserve a tip to avoid buying a pig in a poke. Check the ratings and customer reviews for the product before purchasing to save yourself from the return and exchange hassles. Moreover, it is highly recommended to try the product during its free trial period (if any) given by the seller.

 A Final Thought                                                                                                                                

The skyrocketing demand allowed custom printing products to be transformed into an entire industry of selling these products online. Next time, whenever you want to buy a custom-printed product online, we would love to serve you at

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