Kiss Cut Stickers: What Are They?

Kiss cut stickers

To put it briefly, the technique used to cut the appropriate sticker shape is where the phrase “kiss-cut stickers” originates.

A sharp metal die slices through the sticker material without cutting through the backing paper. It gives you the freedom to use extreme creativity while designing your stickers.

Frequent use of kiss-cut stickers for logos and branding results from their ability to provide a tidy finish without wasting materials, unlike more conventional square-cut stickers.

Understanding Kiss-Cut and Die-Cut Sticker Differences

Custom stickers that are cut into any shape are known as kiss-cut stickers. The extra border around the area of your sticker that is specially formed distinguishes them as unique.

Additionally, that sets them apart from die-cut stickers.

The kiss-cut sticker’s material layer gets cut, leaving the paper backing unaffected. Your sticker now has a border around it.

You can see the distinction between the cutlines in the following design proof. The green line shows the outline of the peelable portion of your kiss cuts, while the magenta line shows the edge of your sticker.

The Comprehensive Guide to kiss cut Stickers

For your upcoming project, ought you employ stickers? Are you curious as to what makes these stickers so unique?

If so, you’ve found the right site. In this article, we’ll cover all there is to know about ordering custom stickers and how to do it successfully.

Let’s begin straight away.

Kiss-Cut Stickers with a White or Transparent Border

Kiss-Cut White Border Stickers

Because they are in style and are frequently used by retailers, the white border stickers make your graphics pop off any surface, which is why. You can easily distinguish Even the most vivid characters from your plans thanks to the white border.

White border kiss-cut stickers are most frequently used on laptops, books, and other areas where you want your sticker pattern to stand out.

A white border surrounds the outside of your graphic.

Kiss-Cut Transparent Border Stickers

Your stickers mix in better with the adhering surface if they have a translucent border.

It works well for some designs, especially when many colors are involved or the surface calls for a more subtle blending of the sticker design and the application.

You can also use our clear border stickers outside due to the vinyl surface. They are, therefore, the ideal decal for automobile windows, tailgates, and other flat exterior surfaces.

In alternative sports, where athletes seek to personalize everything from their boards to their helmets, they are very often used.

Ideas for Kiss-Cut Sticker Designs for Your Store

Kiss-cut stickers are fantastic since they are so versatile. They can be utilized for nearly any purpose, from spicing up a lifeless laptop to personalizing your preferred vehicle.

Everybody can find a sticker design they like. The only decision you must make is which market to focus on.

You may be looking for creative pencil case decorations for kids or want inspirational fridge door stickers. In any case, you’ll undoubtedly need some inspiration, and we’ve got you covered.

Special Occasions & Novelty

The market for novelty stickers is enormous. You must be conscious of the originality you want to pursue, though.

There are creative phrase designs and enjoyable novelty goods that, for instance, give humor to commonplace objects like light switches.

You might succeed if you tap into the market for stickers for special events. There are over 2.5 million weddings in the US annually, making this a tremendous need for personalized kiss-cut stickers. Particularly potential customers for your wedding-related designs are bridal parties.

Famous Street Art

Your sticker sales will soar if you immortalize street art as a kiss-cut sticker. Street art is fantastic and looks beautiful on nearly any surface, giving off an urban, gritty vibe that always attracts attention. There are plenty of beautiful examples, ranging from the renowned Banksy to the disobedient Mike Giant.

Get some ideas, then look online for some fantastic, royalty-free pictures you may utilize.

The best part about making public art kiss-cut stickers is that if you establish a solid clientele, the business will always return to you.

You might soon see stickers covering laptops, books, and even billboards if you have the design talents to complete your job.

Designs Based on Text

What if you translate words into images since a picture is worth a thousand words? One of the lovely aspects of text-based kiss-cut stickers is this. To make your message memorable and understandable, employ creativity.

You can create your texts in various ways, from using straightforward language that lets clients develop their thoughts to using pre-selected statements that provide encouragement, inspiration, or humor.

Use color liberally, mainly where words are present. Your designs do not need to adhere to a strictly linear structure. Change things up to make exciting forms. Kiss-cut stickers are frequently used in text-based formats, so you must choose your wording carefully.

Kiss-Cut Meme Stickers

With these stickers, you can have the most fun. With their white borders stickers almost seem to have been created specifically for memes.

From cartoon-based memes to memes with an 8-bit motif from the past, you can let your imagination go wild with so many different meme styles.

Memes are evolving and becoming more artistic all the time. You have the perfect excuse to develop your collection of amusing memes emphasizing particular uses. For instance;

  • Office-themed gifs for mobile devices
  • Memes for children who wish to personalize their backpacks and pencil cases that are related to school
  • Every day, we utilize messaging app-based memes; they have a variety of applications and can even be given as fun gifts.

Kiss-Cut Sticker Shapes Ingenious

The shapes that can make with kiss-cut stickers are not constrained. Therefore, if you’re a traditionalist, you can base your designs on squares, rectangles, and circles.

You can search for beautiful shapes that incorporate your designs if you want to be more creative. Consider strategies that make the best use of curves and waves, for instance.

As opposed to soft edges that may snag and possibly lift from the surface, smooth edges will also assist your stickers in enduring longer.

The biggest benefit of stickers is that they often have a more expensive and professional appearance.

Unlike a square-cut sticker, which can appear less personalized, the sticker is cut according to your design, so it always looks custom-made.

Although the print quality and durability of the two options are identical, many merchants opt for the kiss-cut option merely because of the design versatility it offers.

Pricing for Kiss-Cut Stickers

You might be shocked to find how inexpensive it is to create stickers. The stickers printed using Printify provide a substantial profit margin.

You can let your consumers choose between white and transparent because there is no pricing difference between the two.

Care for Kiss-Cut Stickers

Kiss-cut stickers are made of a very enduring and easily maintained substance. It is composed of glossy, scratch-resistant vinyl that is simple to argue with a gentle, dry cloth.

Although the stickers can be used outside, keep them out of direct sunlight. This sticker guide contains further information about our stickers.

Your Kiss-Cut Stickers For Sale With No Minimum Purchase

With this motivation, you must be prepared to launch your kiss-cut sticker business. Printify has everything you need to get started, whether you want to sell on Etsy, eBay, or through your store.

The best part is that there is no minimum order requirement for our stickers, so you won’t have to keep much extra stock.

Once you’ve made your first sale, just need to place your order with us, and we’ll take care of everything else. It is pretty simple.

Launch your brand with Printify immediately, and acquire your stickers so that consumers can customize them.

Is the Entire kiss-cut Sticker or only the Peelable Sticker Included in the Sticker’s size?

If a kiss-cut sticker comprises a border and a peelable portion, what size should you select when placing an order for stickers?

The peelable portion and the border are included in your chosen size. The peelable sticker you order in place of a 5x5cm kiss cut sticker will be smaller.

However, you can choose how wide or narrow your border should be.

You can add stickers to your shopping cart and click “add proofing advice” to give our design team instructions.

Production of kiss-cut stickers takes four working days, just like the rest of our stickers and labels. Printing, kiss cutting, and laminating fall under this category.

What dimensions work best for kiss-cut stickers?

When it comes to bespoke stickers, there is no one size fits. You can choose any sticker size to provide the space you want your stickers to cover.

Your ideal sticker size for kiss-cutting depends on the size of the surface to which you wish to apply your stickers, as well as how much area do your stickers need to occupy?

These are ideal for applying to computers and phones because they range in size from 5 to 10 cm.

Would you like to learn more about the many sizing options? See our guide to selecting the ideal size for bespoke stickers and labels after that.

The benefits of Purchasing kiss cut stickers.

The name “kiss-cut stickers” are cut-to-order stickers with borders. What good does that do, though? What benefits do stickers offer? Buckle up and continue reading

Kiss-Cut Stickers come off Quickly

Kiss cutting entails leaving the sticker’s backing paper intact. As a result, your stickers have an additional border made of backing material surrounding them.

It makes sticker application quick and simple, saving you significant time. When you distribute or sell kiss-cut stickers, it can also enhance the consumer experience.

The Border Enables Further Branding

However, the extra border serves more purposes than just that. Instead, you may employ it to strengthen your brand.

Include a design that prints on the border when designing your kiss-cut stickers.

You can smuggle in some more marketing messages this way. Additionally, it implies that clients, prospects, or customers can peel your stickers and use your artwork to adorn their furniture and possessions. And what’s the best? Border printing is entirely free!

Best Ideas for kiss-Cut Stickers

You can use Kiss-cut stickers to create logo stickers or stickers for computers just like any other sticker so we won’t feature them here. Instead, we’ll go through two applications for stickers that you should know about.

You are not restricted to the ideas listed below because kiss-cut stickers are highly adaptable. You might get some creative ideas by perusing the best kiss-cut stickers we have found.

Elaborate Designs

Should we be talking about the backing paper? However, the ability to create your stickers is a game-changer in itself.

Kiss-cut stickers provide the precise level of protection your sticker needs if you have a delicate design with incredibly complex cutlines or edges.

Additionally, the extra sticker paper makes it much simpler to peel your stickers off, which is always good.


Individually made stickers are the ideal promotional item for brands. Start giving them out to customers after printing your company’s logo, humorous sayings, or other fantastic designs onto them.

Kiss-cut stickers are ideal for freebies since you can keep your branding to the perimeter and let customers attach a beautiful design to their laptops or phones. Significantly increasing the probability that they will show your stickers to the public.

Clients consistently appreciate freebies, which is an excellent way to engage them with your business. Read our post on the benefits of stickers marketing your business to learn more about this.

Where can I buy stickers with kiss cuts?

Do kiss-cut stickers meet your needs exactly? Then proceed to our page for kiss-cut stickers.

Enter the sticker size, select the material, decide on the number, and upload the artwork.

You can quickly design your sticker art using Graphic, our free online design tool.

The best ways to start are here below for more assistance:

  • Use our test to select the ideal material for you.
  • Contact our specialists to receive a customized recommendation.
  • Please order a sample of our stuff to learn more about it.
  • Obtain a custom sample to evaluate a design.

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