Custom Printing Design Ideas to Make Your Brand Stand Out

Printing Design Ideas

Building a great brand requires cohesive and captivating print designs. Printing design ideas through tangible, even interactive-print media helps you establish a connection with your audience and leave a lasting impression.

But where should you begin when making printed graphics for your company? You may maximize the effectiveness of your printed design campaigns and effectively convey your message by choosing the appropriate strategy.

Here are some tips and ideas for printing design to help steer your company or brand in the proper direction.

Will My Brand’s Printing Designs Ideas?

We live in a more digital world; there is no disputing that. However, disregarding the importance of printed patterns is denying that we interact with and live in the physical world regularly.

For increasing brand awareness and creating enduring customer relationships, incorporating printed media into your company’s marketing strategy can be extremely helpful.

You can locally target potential clients offline with printed designs. They can also aid in making your brand appear more genuine.

It is so that people may interact with accurate printouts and tactile things. The most effective print designs will hold viewers’ attention longer than an online advertisement that may quickly scroll through.

Even though we live in a digital age, lead graphic designer Jonathan Millman of Printing for Less aptly puts it this way: “Print may create a different physical experience that cannot achieve digitally.

Our attention span might fluctuate from minute to minute in our daily lives. Therefore, you are more likely to be attracted and continue reading when confronted with print material that speaks to your particular interests.

In other words, using printed media to engage with clients and promote your business is beneficial. However, like with most things, it will be most effective in conjunction with a sound strategy.

Planning Your Printing Strategy

When developing printing design ideas and their concepts, consider where and how your customers will engage with your prints.

Will they put a business card in their wallet or peruse a brochure mailed to them? These factors have a significant influence on how you produce your materials.

Imagine yourself from the perspective of a target audience member and develop a clear picture of the effects that will be the most powerful in grabbing their attention, as Jonathan advises.

For instance, consider the audience when designing a rack card to be shown in a nearby tourist information centre.

The middle and bottom may not be seen depending on how the card is positioned.

The top of the card must therefore be physically appealing (brightly colored), have a big typography that is noticeable from a distance, and offer clear, short messaging.

A Rack Card should have an effect after that. The rest of the print design should draw the viewer in after it is picked up.

Use eye-catching, high-quality photography pertinent to your business or services underneath the headline, for example.

Strategically placing these design components will cause the audience to naturally shift their focus from the top of the card to the bottom, where further information and contact information can discover.

Your plan will become more apparent if you consider how consumers encounter and interact with your print designs.

“In my experience, even the most brilliantly designed items can fail if personal understanding of the customer relationship is not grasped,” Jonathan continues.

Ideas and Suggestions for Printing Designs

According to Jonathan, As a designer, getting lost in the details of your layout and images can be simple, but the efficacy strongly depends on the strategic presentation.

With the help of the tools we provide at Printed for Less, you can create printing design ideas optimized for engagement and functionality.

Thoughtfully created print media can significantly impact how people perceive your company. Here are some of our best suggestions for printing design ideas:

Utilize All Five Senses

Print media can engage more senses, such as touch and scent, but digital media primarily appeals to our visual and auditory senses.

Your printing design ideas can be improved and made more lively by using soft-touch or glossy finishes, embossed surfaces, and scented inks.

Employ Interactive Components

We’ve worked on interactive print tactics that have been some of the most effective.

Your print design will be enhanced and more memorable if you include physical components that readers can interact with.

Infinite folds, stickers, die-cut components that can be punched out, and hidden messages that can be unlocked with decoder glasses all appeal to the child in us and our enduring love of play.

Incorporate Digital

It would be ideal if you didn’t treat print and digital media as separate entities. Instead, use digital features with print designs to connect the two parts of your business.

For instance, QR codes are an excellent method to direct customers from your printed material to your website or social media pages, where they can learn more and follow you.

To effortlessly load contacts into an intelligent device, vCards can also be shared through QR codes.

Tell a Colorful Tale

The use of color is crucial in print design. The appropriate color scheme looks lovely and may be deliberately employed to convey tone or mood.

For instance, using orange as your primary hue can evoke joy, optimism, and independence.

The color green will promote peace, health, and wealth. The impact of your print design will also depend on whether you use warm or cool tones, with the former being calming and the latter welcoming.

To choose a palette that complements your brand and message, you can learn more about how color communicates here.

In the end, using a solid strategy with these printing design ideas will help your business stand out from the competition by giving current and potential customers an engaging experience.

Seven Exemplary Examples of Innovative Printing Design ideas that can blow your Rivals Away

You’re on the right track if you’ve thought of employing inventive print design to stand out from the crowd.

Yes, digital marketing is quick and cheap, in contrast. You may A/B test various landing pages and ad wording and make last-minute adjustments to digital designs with no risk.

Digital marketing is widely available, but it also means that everyone is using it, and you know how challenging it is to stand out in a crowded market.

Utilizing printed materials is the most excellent option

Unlike digital ones, printed items are not ethereal.

Compared to a tangible book that feels velvety to the touch, the recipient of a digital resource can find it difficult to spend much time with it due to screen fatigue.

Even though we want to think of ourselves as rational, forward-thinking creatures, we nonetheless strongly prefer the joy that sensory experiences may bring.

Use this to your advantage when creating your sales and marketing materials; go beyond the typical tri-fold brochure or rectangular business card and explore new ground as a graphic designer.

Here are seven illustrations of imaginative print layouts that will beat away the competition.

#1: Giving the Die Cut – New Printing Design Ideas

This invitation draws the recipients’ eyes with its distinctive shape and plush touch.

Die cutting is a printing method that produces unusual conditions like this one, and you can utilize this effect to reproduce just about any form you can think of.

A unique coating effect is what gives the material its velvety feel. Consider the last time you purchased a high-end device or an expensive cologne.

The packaging had a similar velvet covering effect that communicated luxury and caused your nervous system to tingle when you lifted it.

Can you convey a message about a good or service you sell with a clever die-cut? Can you add a velvet coating to high-end products or event invites to stimulate the senses?

#2: Be Active to Stand Out

This popup business card (not an actual company, but an accurate printed sample) proves that popups aren’t just for kid’s books and hipster boutiques.

Similar to the first example, the butler on this business card was cut using a die, turning it into a conversation-starting, engaging object with three dimensions.

Imagine placing these at a gathering or a popular gathering in your neighbourhood; only your business card would stand out to potential customers.

Use it: Where would a popup element benefit your company? In addition to business cards, you can include 3D popup print designs in anything from books to brochures to posters.

Try popping out your logo, a picture of your ideal client, a statement, or a view of your good or service.

Popups may be incredibly intricate, as the greeting card firm LovePop shows with their intricate popup designs.

#3. Catch the Sale, Catch the Light

Unless your grandma is the coolest kid on the block, in which case it is your grandma’s business card, this isn’t your grandma’s card.

Extra-thick matte material gives this card exceptional durability and distinctive quality. Metallic ink is used to create the red flame and the ink, which attracts the recipient’s attention and the light.

Use it: If you’re handing out your cards at an event and want to leave a personal note to the recipient, matte cardboard for business cards makes it easy to write on the card.

Additionally, it gives it a raw, distinctive texture that helps create a powerful and long-lasting initial impression.

Additionally, metallic ink is one of the most affordable ways to customize your business card to attract more attention.

#4. Twain Traveling

This article was a part of a social media effort to encourage readers to document their journeys with a photo of the well-known author. It’s similar to a table tent that doubles as an instructional pamphlet (you’ve probably seen these at restaurants). For longevity, it is made of thick cardboard.

Use it: Encourage your audience to apply your content to their daily life. Can innovative print design spark a social media trend? Include die cuts, multisensory experiences, such as this cutout of Mark Twain’s torso, scratch-and-sniff paper, or text you gradually learn about through a sequence of folds.

#5: Get in Shape or Ship Out

Square business cards are popular now, but when you add rounded corners and a strikingly straightforward design, you have a unique tool that will outlast your rivals’ fragile cards.

It’s small enough to put in your prospect’s wallet, but because of its distinctive shape, people can connect its essence to your brand.

Use it: For a spectacular outcome, apply the rule of thirds to a square business card design.

#6. Try a New Angle – Printing Design Ideas

This brochure has a contemporary appearance and feel because it unfolds into a rhombus rather than a rectangle.

Additionally, you can customize the copy for various individuals of your target demographic using changeable data technology.

Once you’ve given your printer the guidelines for which items should receive which documents and photos, everything will do!

As specialized as your digital marketing content, your ultra-custom marketing materials are available.

Use it: This asymmetrical design can be ideal if your brand depends on the style, such as if you work for a creative firm or are a graphic artist. Additionally, you may use the bespoke effect of variable data printing to produce personalized content, including brochures like this one, aDDM mailers, postcards, kits, and invitations.

#7. If King Midas were a Marketer

This elegant business card is calling out for you to touch it. How did you achieve that? Debossed means that the letters have been pressed into the cardstock to create relief.

This piece feels like an expensive design when combined with a gold foil stamp and gold foil on the card’s edges (the trick is that it just costs a little more per card than a business card without any extra print effects).

Use it: These two print effects are all you need to communicate “luxury” without uttering a word if you’re looking to attract high-end or luxury customers.

Although the lettering in this example is debossed, you can alternatively emboss it to produce a raised relief of a design feature.

Try embossing or debossing your name, a section of a picture, a logo, or a custom illustration.

We can achieve everything you can imagine! At Printing for Less, we value original thinking and are experts at bringing unique projects to life.

Please send us your complex projects. While taking care of your printing needs, we’ll protect you from shoddy work.